• Model Number: marantz PM-50
  • Form: Stereo integrated amplifier
  • Year: 1989
  • Power output per channel: 105w at 4Ω  and  75w at 8Ω
  • Distortions: Total harmonic distortion is 0.008% at 8Ω and I.M distortion is also 0.008% at 8Ω
  • MM cartridge input: Frequency difference is ±0.5 db, SNR (A weighted) is 86 db, Input sensitivity is 2.5mv and Input impedance is 47kΩ
  • MC cartridge input: Input sensitivity is 0.25mv, Input impedance is 100Ω
  • High level section: Frequency response is 10–70 khz, SNR is 86 db, Input sensitivity is 150mv and Input impedance is 33kΩ
  • Channel separation: CD input is 75 db at 1 khz and 65 db at 10 khz
  • Power Requirements: 220v/240v in 2 voltage version and 110v-240v in 4 voltage version
  • Dimensions: (H × W × D)-(132 × 420 × 334) mm
  • Weight: 10kg


Marantz PM-50 is a stereo integrated amplifier, manufactured in 1989. The output  power is rated at 105w at 4 ohms and 75w at 8 ohms. The frequency response is 10hz to 70khz. It comes with five input lines (PHONO, MM, MC, CD, TUNER, AUX 1, AUX 2) and two output lines ( SPEAKER 1 and 2). Specially, the dual mass capacitor of 15,000µF is used in the power supply section for stable current supply.


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